You probably never thought your lawn could be overrun by weeds. Maybe your lush green grass is now brown and dry.

You're probably thinking, "it's fall; no need to weed anymore!"

Maybe you're sacrificing your leisure time for landscape maintenance and lawn care, but you're seeing no improvement.

Well, it's time to let professional property maintenance providers handle it!

It can be easy to think there's nothing more to lawn care and landscape maintenance than weeding and raking.


It requires pruning, mulching, edging, lawn weeding services, aerating, leave pitching, Spring and Fall yard clean up, and a host of other property maintenance practices - all done at the right time with the right techniques.

It's safe to say - if you're not caring for your landscape the right way, you may be causing more damage than good.

The solution?

Property maintenance. And no one does that better than the experts at D3 Lawn Care.

D3 Lawn Care specializes in providing all-year-round property maintenance services in Bethlehem, PA. We are committed to serving our community with the highest level of service. Our courteous staff works with you to understand your lawn's needs so you can enjoy your landscape.

Our lawn care specialists have years of experience transforming lawns and ensuring they are healthy and thriving throughout the year. Our team treats your lawn with the utmost respect with every project.

Property maintenance in Bethlehem PA

Comprehensive Property Maintenance Services

D3 Lawn Care offers a wide range of property maintenance services in Bethlehem, PA, and neighboring cities. Some of our services include: 

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Shrub/Hedge pruning

Keep your shrubs and hedges healthy and beautiful! With our pruning services, the dead and diseased parts of plants are removed, and plants grow to their full potential.

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Weeds compete with your plants for pretty much everything and can damage them. Our lawn weeding services ensure weeds are rooted out, keeping your lawn and flowerbeds looking attractive and healthy always!


Lawn Mowing

We know you're too busy! But with us, you can maintain the clean and polished appearance of your property with our lawn mowing services. Don't let them grow too long!


Mulch Installation

Let's spread the mulch and protect your plants and shrubs in extreme temperatures! Mulch also minimizes weed growth, enhances moisture retention, and if done rightly, can enhance your property's appearance!


Seasonal Clean Up

Why clean up when you can spend more time with your family? In fall, we make sure to clear away the fallen leaves, leaving your lawn all neat! We also provide clean up services in Spring!

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Aeration ensures a healthier lawn and promotes stronger roots development by removing soil plugs and thatch from the lawn, resulting in better air exchange as well as improved nutrient and water uptake.