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D3 Lawn Care's landscapers proudly serve both residential and commercial properties in Bethlehem and the surrounding regions of the Lehigh Valley with high-quality landscaping services. Our professional landscaping company is fully insured in Pennsylvania and pays great attention to detail, offering the highest standard with each job. D3 Lawn Care is dedicated to excellence with every service that we provide.

Our Landscaping Enhancements Include:

  • WeedingWeeds are not just annoying; they can destroy the health of your plants and leave your landscape looking untidy. If weeds are sprouting and growing out of control in your garden, we can come to the rescue. Our landscaping services in Bethlehem include regular weeding, weed control, and weed maintenance solutions that get rid of weeds. We schedule monthly visits and use weed treatment and other techniques for a beautiful, weed-free landscape!

  • Weed Mat InstallationKeep out the weeds and make your garden as beautiful as ever with professional weed mat installation! Weed mats are very easy and affordable to install and can prevent the growth of weed for a long time. Our natural lawncare experts can install high-quality weed mats that control weeds. Our weed mats block sunlight to prevent weed growth, ensure air and water circulation to your plants, drain properly, and are very durable

  • Shrub and Hedge PruningOne of the best ways to keep your landscape neat, tidy, and beautiful is with regular shrub and hedge trimming services. Beyond enhancing the aesthetics of your yard, trimming shrubs and hedges helps them grow better, ensuring they develop into beautiful full-sized plants. At D3 Lawn Care, we prune your shrub and hedge at the right time to prevent diseases and promote healthy growth using the right pruning tools and techniques.


  • Installation and FeedingNew landscape installations are a great addition to any property. Whether you’re interested in installing new trees, perennial flowerbeds, turfs, patios, hedges, or shrubs, D3 Lawn Care can help you out! We are determined to ensure you get the most out of your property by providing you with a custom-designed landscape installation. We also offer feeding services that provide plants with the nutrients they need so you can have a landscape filled with healthy, beautiful plants!

  • Edging, Stone, and Mulch InstallationTransform your landscaping and give it a polished look with professional edging, stone, and mulch installation services. As part of our landscaping services in Bethlehem, we offer edging installation using stone and other materials to create a unique and natural look. We can also apply natural mulch such as pine bark and hardwood to safeguard your plants from the elements, prevent insects and diseases, beautify your landscape, and keep it free from weeds!

Our landscaping experts have longstanding experience in the field and ensure the health of your property's landscape. D3 Lawn Care is committed to providing the highest level of service and going above and beyond for our customers. Interested in routine mowing, lawn treatments, and ongoing upkeep? We offer affordable lawncare subscriptions starting at $220/Month, which include grass mowing, fertilization, yard clean-up, and leaf removal to ensure your property looks stunning year-round. Contact our professional landscapers to learn more about our landscaping services in Bethlehem, PA! 

Local Landscape Installation Project Complete With Trees & Perennial Flowers


  • What's the difference between landscaping and lawn care?
    Landscaping and lawn care are related fields, so the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but there are some differences. Lawn care services maintain the health and beautify of lawns and outdoors spaces. Typical lawn care duties include cutting grass, weeding, trimming trees, pruning bushes, pruning shrubs, fertilizing lawns, installing sod, laying mulch, and seeding. Lawn care is mostly about the maintenance of existing spaces rather than creating major changes. Landscaping, on the other hand, is a broader and more complex field, which includes designing, planning, and executing the renovation of outdoor spaces. This includes planting, construction, and installing outdoor features such as fire pits, water features, patios, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, outdoor living areas, and more. Landscaping design encompasses both of these fields, from the initial planning and design, to the construction, planting, and ongoing landscape maintenance.
  • Do you offer a landscaping subscription?
    We also offer affordable lawn care subscriptions starting at $220/Month, including grass mowing, fertilization, yard clean-up, and leaf removal to ensure your property looks stunning year-round.
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