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Seasonal Fertilizer & Pre-Emergent Weed Control

We fertilize your lawn early to jumpstart its growth and put down a blanket of pre-emergent weed control to kill leftover weeds from last year and take care of any new weeds before they become a problem.


Broadleaf Weed Control

Broadleaf weeds are stubborn weeds. We apply a broadleaf weed killer when weeds are most abundant in late spring after germination so your lawn looks better for the summer. Pesky weeds are popping up in April, so this application is vitally important to achieving a weed-free lawn each year!


Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer

Because it is dangerous to apply a liquid weed control product to your lawn in the heat of the summer, we use a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. If any weeds survive, a light granular weed killer will be applied at summer’s end.


Heavy Fertilization & Weed Control

Fall is by far the best time to fertilize, aerate, seed, and apply weed control. If you’ve been a subscriber since March, this is the point in the season where your neighbors’ lawns will be turning a lighter green or even brown while yours continues to boast a lush, dark green. We’ll further support your lawn with a dose of our custom-tailored fertilizer and weed control.



On the last cut of the season, we will apply a winterizer fertilizer to hibernate your lawn and help it develop a healthy root system. It will also give your lawn the best chance for a fast green-up next Spring.

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