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Prepare Your Lawn For Spring

A messy lawn can be overlooked in winter because it’s cold and difficult to get any work done on the lawn. Plus, the entire lawn may be buried in snow most of the winter.

However, as the season begin to change and spring starts to set in, you might want to take care of that lawn to make it look neat.

Why should you prepare your lawn for spring?

There are several benefits of preparing your lawn for spring, and some of them are:

Makes your lawn look neat

You will get rid of overgrown weed and level out the grass that makes your lawn look untidy and dirty. Who doesn’t like a neat front lawn? A neat front lawn keeps insects and pests away and makes your home look neater.

Reduces soil compaction

Clearing your lawn will reduce the pressure on the soil, which is important for growing a beautiful green lawn. Also, reducing soil compaction opens up the soil and allows it to absorb water instead of causing pools of water on your lawn.

Healthy growth of grass and flowers

Clearing out your lawn and preparing for spring gets rid of weeds and other things that hinder proper growth. Once the lawn is cleared up, your flowers, grass, or other plants will grow healthy and beautiful.

How to prepare your lawn for spring

Preparing your lawn for spring can be tasking, but it’s always worth it in the end. If you want a beautiful green lawn, here are some tips for preparing your lawn for spring.

Get rid of the leaves

The first step to preparing your lawn for spring is to get rid of dead leaves and other debris lying around. You can start by mowing and raking the leaves. However, be careful not to scatter the soil and root of the growing grass.

Fertilize your lawn

Applying fertilizer to your lawn will revive it and replenish the nutrients in the soil. Fertilizing the lawn will strengthen the soil and help the grass grow green and healthy.

Plant new seeds

The beauty of a lawn is the green grass that covers the entire space, and the harsh winter can make your lawn sparse. It would be best if you planted new grass seeds when preparing your lawn for spring so that you would have a beautiful lawn covered in healthy green grass.

Apply weed control

If you have a lot of weeds on your lawn, it is advisable to apply weed control while preparing your lawn for spring. It will help reduce and control weed growth in your lawn.

Water your lawn

Water is essential for healthy soil and plant growth. You don’t have to water your lawn very often but giving enough water to your lawn when it needs it does the job of making the grass grow strong and healthy.

Get that lawn looking healthy and neat today. If you think it’s too much work, reach out to D3 Lawn care to help you prepare your lawn for spring. Request your quote today!

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