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How to Add Color to Your Winter Landscape

Who says you can't have a beautiful landscape in the winter? Your landscape doesn’t have to be bare or unattractive because it's cold and snowing. There are a few things you can do to add a splash of color and vibrancy to your outdoor space, and some of them include:

Plant colorful flowers

When planted, several winter flowers will add color and vibrancy to your landscape needs. Some of them include lenten rose, enter daphne, possumhaw holly, camellias, sweet alyssum, and pansies, among many others. These beautiful plants will stand out from the white winter snow to give your landscape a colorful and beautiful appearance.

Be creative with your summertime planting containers

Your summertime planting containers, like the hanging baskets and window boxes, can also make your winter landscape colorful. To make your landscape burst with colors, you can fill these containers with beautiful live plants.

However, if you'd rather not deal with catering to live plants, you can also fill the containers with beautiful artificial plants that will produce the same effect on your winter landscape.

Use your hardscape

You have a lot to play with when trying to add color to your winter landscape. Aside from considering an array of beautiful plants and flowers, winter is a great time to add life and color to your landscape using hardscape elements such as a garden sculpture, garden bench or several others.

Decorate tree branches and bark

Seeing as many trees will lose their leaves during winter, leaving their branches bare, adding some beautiful holiday decorations will be a great way to use those branches and add a little vibrancy to your winter landscape. Some colorful lights, ornaments, and other decorative pieces can make your bare winter branches into something beautiful.

Plant evergreens

If you want to make your landscape more colorful in the winter, consider planting evergreens. These beautiful plants will give a beautiful color contrast to the white winter snow, and the best part is that you can find different colors of evergreen plants like the Gold Thread false cypress, which is yellow, or the Dwarf Blue spruce. Evergreen plants will also be a great addition to your landscape across all year seasons.

Use lights

Adding color to your winter landscape doesn't have to be with only plants. You can incorporate colorful and unique light fixtures to make your landscape stand out in the winter. These light fixtures can be arranged to suit your needs, and you can always change them yearly for a new look.

If you need more help adding color to your landscape for the winter, simply reach out to D3 Lawn Care for all types of landscape and lawn care services. Request a quote today!

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