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Getting Your Lawn Ready for Spring

As the warmth of the sun begins to filter in and you bid bye to winter, you might begin to see little growth in your yard. But winter doesn’t go without leaving its mark. Twigs, litter, and rotten leaves are strewn around the yard, indicating the need for a clean-up.

Cleaning your yard isn’t all you need to do for a successful growing spring season, though. The key to having a lawn filled with healthy, lush, and thick grass is preparing way ahead. Here are some practices to get you on the right track.

#1. Get Tools and Equipment rReady

Get equipment that has taken a rest during winter ready for the job ahead in spring. Fix and warm up the lawnmower for the grass-cutting task ahead. Change the spark plug, pour out the oil, and replace it with a new one.

Clean the carburetor and put in a new oil filter. Sharpen the blades, too, and do all you can to get tools and equipment ready.

#2. Cleanup Lawn Debris

Winter is known for its snow, and the fallen twigs, leaves, and tree branches. So it’s likely that in early spring, dead leaves and other litter have made a mess of your lawn. It’s time to clean them!

Gather the debris using a rake and onto a tarp to avoid expending a lot of energy getting them off the lawn when you’re done. But you have to make sure your yard is a bit dry before cleaning. Otherwise, you can damage tender shoots.

#3. Kill Weed Seeds Before They Grow

There’s always the possibility of pesky weeks cropping up and ruining your lawn. To avoid this, it’s best to apply a pre-emergent herbicide, which, as the name indicates, kills weed seeds and prevents weeds from germinating.

This will help reduce the presence of weed and the amount of work you’d have to do hand-pulling them.

#4. Apply Mulch

Leaves and composts are excellent sources of mulch, which helps to regulate soil temperature and prevents the growth of weeds.

So applying mulch to your grasses and shrubs offers a load of benefits. Mulching also increases the presence of soil organisms beneficial to your plants.

In addition, mulching enhances the look of your lawn, making it look beautiful.

#5. Nourish the Lawn

Applying fertilizer in the first weeks of springs helps promote the growth of healthy plant roots and the sprouting of green grass blades.

Fertilizing your lawn also ensures it remains green all season. For best results, begin the application only after the lawn has broken out of dormancy.

It’s also best to use a slow-releasing fertilizer, so your lawn gets nourishing benefits long into the season.

#6. Don’t Let Your Lawn Grow too Tall

Do not allow your grass to grow too tall before cutting it a bit short. Letting your lawn grow without mowing when you should in early spring impacts the root health, causing several issues all season.

You should also be careful cutting it too short as it can weaken the plants and cause stunted growth.

Hey, we know it’s not a one-day job. But when you take time out of your schedule to put these tips into practice, you’d have a beautiful, green lawn you’d be proud of before long.

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