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  • Aeration and overseeding are imperative for a thick, healthy, weed-free lawn! Suggested frequency is two times per year in the spring and in the fall.  

  • Core plug aeration(See photos below) pokes a hole in the lawn approximately 1/2' wide.  The length of the plug will depend on several factors including moisture content, length of grass at time of service, and soil compaction.  Average plug length ranges from 1''-4''. 

  • Allows water to access the root system of the grass more efficiently, allowing vital nutrients and water to seep into the soil.  This will help the lawn establish a healthier root system.  This is extremely vital to maintaining a healthy lawn.  

  • Helps decompose thatch. Thatch is that dead grass that chokes out the healthy grass. Usually from cutting the grass too short or not cutting frequently enough.  

  • Reduces soil compaction. 

  • Creates thousands of "germination chambers" for new grass to grow out of.  

  • Allows fertilizer to work more efficiently.  

  • Grass seed is applied by a spreader

  • The seed falls into the holes created by the aeration process and grows out of each hole.  Grass will also grow on bare spots of the lawn.  

  • Fills in spots of the lawn that have been damaged by pets and/or insects. 

  • The grass will grow thicker, making it harder for weeds to grow.  

  • Sun and/or shade mix available.  We will make a decision depending on how much shade your lawn receives.  

  • Grass seed that we use is specifically formulated for this area and many call it the "Golf Course Mix"  

Fall Overseeding Green Beautiful Lawn.jpg
Wet grass

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